Our Team

JAMTV boasts some of the Australia’s most talented and respected production executives.  We pride ourselves on being the best in our business, so we can help our clients be the best in theirs.

Our team of producers, directors and graphic animators have the expertise, experience and industry contacts to make things happen.   

We have an industry leading team, and we’re at the top of our game.

Get in touch today to get the ball rolling.

Our Team

Eddie McGuire


Warwick Lobb

Chief Operating Officer


Patrick Austin

Head of Production 


Cos Cardone

Chief Executive Officer


Luke Tunnecliffe

Head of Content


Tenielle Giansiracusa

EA to Eddie McGuire


Emma Klapste

Receptionist/PA to Eddie McGuire


Finn Blake




Samantha Rawlings

PA to CEO/Office Manager


Michael Oraniuk

General Manager – Finance


Andrea Brooks



Nathan John



Chris Thompson



Nick Egan



Melissa Fletcher

Series Producer – A Moveable Feast


Jason Felmingham

Post Production Supervisor/Senior Editor


Billy Steele



Declann Shields



Alise Dolly



Toneka Costa



Jye Jones



Jacob Walker

Broadcast Manager 

Graham Watson

Production Supervisor


Rhea Famlonga

Production Manager


Rhian Williams

Production Manager



Andrew McDowell



Marcus Buttigieg




Harvey Silver

Supervising Producer – The Footy Show 


Mitch Finlayson

Producer – The Footy Show/Sunday Footy Show 


Des Dowling

Creative Producer – The Footy Show 

Luke Jackson

Editor – The Footy Show/Footy Classified


Luca Urso

Production Assistant – The Footy Show/Footy Classified

Elspeth Iredale

Senior Production Manager  


Michael Leeds

Producer – The Footy Show/Footy Classified

Matthew Hardy

Creative Producer – The Footy Show 

Joanne Neil

Audience & Office Co-Ordinator – The Footy Show

Giulio di Giorgio

Production Assistant – The Footy Show 

Steve Gilbert

Executive Producer – Millionaire Hot Seat 

Christopher Dart

Producer – Millionaire Hot Seat

Helen Ghmed-Tsehelidis

Production Co-Ordinator – Millionaire Hot Seat 

Linda Lawrence

Contestant Co-Ordinator – Millionaire Hot Seat 

Olivia Hains

Audience Co-Ordinator – Millionaire Hot Seat 

Kirsty Seebeck

Editor – Millionaire Hot Seat 

Andrea Mersits

Contestant Co-Ordinator – Millionaire Hot Seat 

Michael Scheller

Contestant Co-Ordinator – Millionaire Hot Seat