Swooping in on ads

After establishing itself as Australia’s best producer of sport and sports entertainment, JAMTV has shifted gears with a bold move into the world of advertising.

Working with experts across a variety of fields, JAMTV post produced a daring and heart-stopping online campaign for Ford.

“In this unique campaign, we’ve really been able to showcase our extensive post production facilities,” Head of Production John Murray said.

“So far ‘Wings vs Wheels’ as an online commercial has reached a remarkable 2.5 million viewers and has proved that adventure sports can change perceptions. In this case shifting the view that the Ford Ranger is a truck for trade professionals that can also be used in the leisure market.”

Partnering with Ossie Khan from The Experience Series, the advertisement went viral when Ossie flew in a wing-suit with precision to land in the back of a moving Ford Ranger.


Watch the ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZdPmyVz_Es